• An open statement from the RGM Operating Company Board

    A meeting was held 23 May 2017 between trustees of WARGM Company 
    Limited (‘Company’) and WARGM Charitable Foundation Limited (‘Foundation’)
    at which the Company learned the following:.

    * The Foundation will not now proceed with the planning appeal.
    * PGL have decided not to pursue this application or appeal.

    The Foundation has stated that it is, in effect, starting again on development
    ideas, mindful of Council’s reasons for refusal of the PGL scheme Jun 2016, and
    the costs of a public inquiry.

    We learned that at present there are potential interested parties –¬†
    * A similar organisation has shown interest in a somewhat smaller scheme for
    RGM which would repair and reuse the Cordite Factory.
    * PGL now believe they can create a viable smaller scheme.
    * In October 2016 WARGM Company submitted to the Foundation
    an outline scheme for a business park in the ‘East Flank’ that would repair and
    reuse the Cordite Factory Buildings and enable retention of all space currently
    used for visitors. The Foundation have stated that they will now consider this.
    * It has been suggested that a joint Foundation / Company working
    group should be formed to examine options.