• Decision made to appeal

    The Foundation Trust / PGL have decided to appeal the Planning refusal by Epping Forest District Council, and some details can be found here:

    https://acp. planninginspectorate.gov.uk/ ViewCase.aspx?Caseid=3164818& CoID=0

    There are also two new documents at the top of the EFDC Planning Documents list:
    00532503: Planning Appeal Form
    00532504: Appeal Statement of Case – this is the more detailed and inportant one.
    To view or download these, go to:
    http://plan1.eppingforestdc. gov.uk/Northgate/ PlanningExplorer/ generalSearch.aspx

    and search under “Application Number” for “EPF/3028/15”

    The deadline for comments is 3rd March, and any previous objections should be taken into account by the Planning Inspectorate without having to be repeated. 

    As with the original Planning Application, comments / objections along with the identities of those commenting will probably be made available to the FT / PGL, but probably not contact details.

    Please take the time to find and object to any inaccuracies in this appeal – the future of the Royal Gunpowder Mills is at stake!