• EFDC rejects PGL plans

    A great result! At the meeting of the full Epping Forest District Council on Monday the 6th of June, the planning application was comprehensively rejected by a majority of 26 against versus 18 for.


    Our grateful thanks again to all those councillors who have supported us in our campaign to retain public access and a visitor attraction on this unique heritage site.


    We note that at the start of the meeting, a document was placed in front of Councillors on behalf of the applicants, which does not appear to be part of the planning documents.


    From the statements made in the Council Chamber, this appears to be called a “Shared-use Agreement”. Questions should be asked of the EFDC Planning Dept. as to why this document was allowed to be slipped in at the last moment to form part of these proceedings.


    This is in addition to the Planning Dept.’s failure to acknowledge the WARGM Friends Association’s alternative plans.


    The official Planning Decision Notice has been added to the planning application document list, and it can be found here:




    We are understandably pleased with this result, but PGL and the Foundation Trust could appeal the decision, so the fight may have to go on.


    To paraphrase Winston Churchill: We are ready, willing and able to fight on!